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Automatic water softener

magnetic water conditioner

electric water softener

home use water softener for shower 
Auto Washing(forward and reverse direction ) 
Compact water softening 
Food grade resin

Water softener, water softening system, water soften equipment

Extended service life of household appliance, such as water heater, boiler, shower, faucets,

Cleaner, softer clothes and towels

Keeping hair smooth and skin delicate

Keeping clear fineness tableware and sanitary hardware clearer, taste and oder- free ice cubes.


1. The core components are self designed and manufactured, quality strictly controlled.
2. LCD of automatic control valve display operation in English or Chinese.
3. Control by smart microcomputer, water feed is calculated by flow, operation and regeneration automatically after input some parameters, no need to manually calculation.
4. Adopt countercurrent regeneration technology, ensure fully resin regeneration, effectively prolong the life of resin, save brine and water.
5. Automatic washing and counter backwash function, more thorough cleaning.
6. Bypass valve can be flexibly configured, ready to freely adjust the water hardness.
7. Food grade ABS lining double reinforced FRP tank.
8. Unique bayonet connection, convenient and reliable, and easier to install.
9. Comes with child lock feature prevents misuse.

10. Parameter protection and warning functions when power is cut off, ensure the safe use.
11.HDPE shell is molded at one time, has the feature of high hardness, corrosion resistance, leak-proof, crack-proof.

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