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Horizontal multistage non-self-certificugai pump, attached with long shaft electric motor

Compact structure renders small size of pump; axial inlet radial outlet.





Curve conditions

Following condition are suitable for the performance curves shown above.

All curves are based on the measured values of 50Hz; constant motor speed 2900r/min, 60Hz; contant motor speed 3500r/min;

Curve tolerance in conformity with ISO9906Annex A.

Measurement is one with 20oC air-free water, kinematic viscosity of 1mm2/sec.

The operation of pump shall refer to the performance region described by the thickedned curve to prevent overheating due to small flow rate overload of motor duo to toolarge flow rate.

Operation condition

liuid temperature:

Normal temp:-15oC-70oC

Hot water:-15oC-115oC

Ambient temperature :up to 40oC

Max .operation pressure: 10bar

Max. inlet pressure is limited by max .Operation presure.

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