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1. Major Material: Imported LLDPE food-grade raw plastic 
2. Process: Rotational Molding 
3. Common color: White, black, red, orange, blue, and yellow 
4. Uniform wall thickness. 
5. Thickness and weight can be varied for extra strength requirements. 
6. Excellent material guarantee the long period of useful life. 
7. Performance: 
One-piece rotomolding product, 
No welds or joints to fail. 
We can make up them in accordance with the needs of customers. 

Advantageof the rotomolding dosing tank: 
Excellent at collision resistant, Intensive vibration resistant, and is perfect at algae control, Easy cleaning,  Rodent prevention a Termite prevention. 
8. Application: The rotomolding dosing tank is portable and used in many fields like water treatment, environment protection, water softening system and dosing system, etc. 
9. Lead-time: Short

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