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1,Take innoxious, flavourless 100% pure polypropylene as the materials ,through molten and jet then receive to tubular filter cartridge .There are no other chemical contents come in during the filtrating,it can be used in drinking water and beverage directly without any dissolved phenomenon .

2,Against bacteria and chemicals.Establish an accuracy gradients from inside to outside.The outside raw filter surface ensure the enough area to receive the pollute ,decrease the filtration resistance,supply enough regidity struture.The inside accurate surface checking the minuteness grain to assure the filtrate accurancy and enhance the adsorbility at the same time.

3,Polypropylene fiber water filter cartridge can filtrating the sand ,rust and other big grain substance in water .Anti acid , alkali,rot as well as most organic and inorganic solvent resistent (not include chlorosulfonic acid,concentrated nitric acid and other Strong oxidants).Applicable to water treatment for industries such as food, medical,IT,electroplating,chemical industry , petrolum and etc.

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