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What is the cartridge filter housing?

Cartridge filter, also known as security filter. The shell is made of high quality stainless steel, filter

using molded filter, The liquid went through filter under pressure, residue left on the filter, and the

filtrate outflow through the filter can effectively remove impurities in the water, sediment and suspended

solids, bacteria.Molded filters are: cloth, screen, filter, sintered filter tube, wound filter, melt-blown filter,

micro-porous filter and multi-function filter. Due to different filter, the filter pore size is not the same.

Precision filter is between the sand filter (coarse) and a filter between ultra-filtration, filter pore size

generally between 0.01-120um.For the same form of filter,it is divided into different models by their dimensions.


Performance feature

1.Simple and convenient operation,cover an area of an area small,easy to install.
2.High filtration precision,application to any fine particles or suspended solids;
3.Effective filter has bif filter area,a filter bag filter function is equivalent to the 
same type filter 5-10 times can be large reduce the cost;
4.Wide range of USES,can be used for coarse or fine filter;
5.The unit processing flow of big filter area,small resistance,high filtration efficiency;
6.Under the premise that achieve the same filtering effect,advantages to compare with cartridge filter and pre-treatment filter low investment cost,low filtering cost,long service life.


1.Food industry:fine filter of space water, mineral water,beverages, liquor clarification and

filtration process.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: sterile water, oral, infusion and injection water treatment.

3. Electronics industry: water preparation semiconductors, instruments, picture tubes and other

production plants, wash water filtration bar.

4. Chemical industry: organic solvents, esters, alcohols, acids, alkalis and other chemicals, oils


5. Oil industry: oil field water injection preparation and so on.

6. Environmental protection, electroplating wastewater, printing waste, pharmaceutical waste and

other industrial wastewater treatment.

7. Seawater, brackish water desalination water treatment, hotels, apartments water treatment.

8. Precision filter is often used as security filter for electrodialysis, ion exchange, security filters

reverse osmosis devices.

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